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We have created a bird feeder that will save money,   time,   and work---------  The feeder mounts on the outside of the cage where there is an opening,  such as a window or access door ---any feed that is pushed out of the feed box is collected in a compartment below, instead of on the floor (this is where you save work) then you can recycle the feed by removing it thru the sliding door and putting it back in the top ----The birds love it and you'll love it too when you realize how much money you save by recycling.      Please go to our "products" page and check out the feeders that both you and your parrot will love !         While you're there,  you should also look at our popular bird carriers.    They work  good for  bird transport,  or just to keep handy those young birds that you're hand feeding .               So,  go to our products page and just browse-------thank you for stopping by .......                                  

Did you know that most parrots waste at least 70% of their feed ?  We have the solution to this problem.


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